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About Varied / Hobbyist Henry deerUnited States Group :iconsaintbad-studios: SaintBad-Studios
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Henry deer
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I really like kemonomimis and pretty boys

I have an ask account: :iconnater-tator: (Unused now)
I also have a
Skype: Smaxelsauce
Gaiaonline:Formally Dead Trick Trick Kid

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Smittywarben Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Hey you ok? I saw your account was out for a bit. Idk if you would feel comfortable but if you want to you can talk to me about anything.
Ghurahm Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
I just wanted to say I love your work so much ;0; It gives me so much life and you're so inspiring-
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Little-Miss-Boxie Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Professional
Thankyoucard by Little-Miss-Boxie    
Thanks so much for the watch! :) (Smile) I really appreciate the support! Heart
PrinceKissu Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*grabs your butt*
Deer arse :iconheplz:
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Smittywarben Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015
  I just saw your art work while browsing and ive got to say i am very impressed with your style. Its a very fleshed out and very "adult" style. An adult style, that is what i like to call it, is when you've found a style that is true to who you are and reflects a lot about yourself. You've clearly taken your precious time and put it in it. 

   I now i just read a few comments and also read a bit of your journal and i would like to say that i think you do need to relax. I am not sure why your so sad but i can say this speaking from someone who has been to the grips of death and back because of many suicidal attempts. You need to decompress with people and things that truly brighten your mood. Not saying you should run away but it would be wise to take a breather and look at the issues that you have and talk them out with a lot of understanding people. Once you've done that take them head on with both a strong will and heart. Your art can fuel you and help, but i saw you seem to sorta be at odds with it and are conflicted. At least that is what i gather. Pretend is not easy. In fact deception is one of the hardest things because one day you might start to believe your lies. The reasons you lie i am unsure but i know dam well you are no fucking burden. Never let anyone tell you other wise. You human and precious, and yes i don't know you and call you precious. Why? Because you dam well are. The life you have means something. I know that is true even for rapist and murderers. Now i don't know if you have a lover or someone you like nor do i know your sexuality. I can only give my advise. My experience comes from being a trans gendered MFT who just gave up and went with being gay rather then change my body because it was already to late. Hopeful you don't mind my sexuality if you do sorry. I've already tried and it made me miserable. Still though even if you hate my fucking guts for it at least think on what i say even if you think i am a faggot or something. Love needs to first come from yourself. Learn to love all your little quirks and the way you do things. YES YES YES i know it sounds so recycled and over used but there is some truth in it, and even if you don't have a lover or someone your thinking about still love your self. Everything and everyone in your life can fuck the hell off when it comes to your happiness. What is something that makes you happy? If you have nothing or your not sure explore. Your talent is to good to waste and i don't just mean at art. You have all the power love kindness To get though anything. The saying life is a bitch is dam true, but it can be sooo much easier once you can gather your self to fight it. Are you to spread out? Maybe fighting to many beast at once. If so take on the one not most important not the most easy nor the most immediate but the one that breaks your heart every which way the most. You said you were glad you payed off your car and that it was the most adult thing you've don't. Fuck being an adult and worrying at about if you truly don't want to. Life is not some rush to the finish line. Do you even want to be in collage? If no then don't stay unless your about to finish a degree because they take for ever to get. Other wise whats the point in giving up time. Right now enjoy your self in everything you do. If you can deal with working a shitty job and partying to try to feel good. Go for it just don't over do it nor get addicted to the life style nor the drugs. Pretty much just get done what you feel like is needed. I know this is getting really long and i'd like to say sorry but i wanted to cover a lot and try to say the most that i can think of at once to at least try to make sure you don't do anything bad. Yes i also count cutting or anything else self harming as bad. If you do self harm please talk with someone. Hell it could be me just make sure if you are going to make sure its clean and you walk across the street. Please never down please. I really hope I've helped even if only one tiny fraction of just about nothing. I am hear to talk, take a emotional beating if needed, a shoulder to cry on and most important to try and give what ever help i can in your life. This goes for anyone else who is going though a rough time. Life is worth living and enjoying. Hope i don't sound like a creep or a dumbass either way i wish you the best.

p.s. sorry for any bad grammar or spelling i have a hard time with words
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